THaKO (Tomorrow for Haitian Kids' Organization) had been a dream of 5 Haitian members of the NIO (Northern Interpreters Organization) for many years. In Haiti, there are millions of children who do not have access to the basic necessities of life—like food, shelter, access to medical care, or school.

This dream became a reality in 2011 when they partnered with Louisa and Dan Suggs, from Gastonia, NC, USA.  They found an existing incomplete building and established an orphanage in the heart of the village of Carbonel, a remote area southwest of Cap Haitien.  Residents here lacked clean drinking water and proper sanitation. NIO (Northern Interpreters Organization) had partnered with churches and mission organizations to bring a well and enclosed toilet facilities to the village.

In 2017, THaKO built a brand new orphanage on 1+ acres

in Limonade (about 8 miles southeast of Cap Haitien), and the

orphanage was relocated.  The increased lot size and building

space will better provide for 21 children (8 girls and 13 boys)

as they grow up. 


The staff of THaKO have dedicated their lives to helping

these children and need your help to make their dreams, and

those of the orphans become a reality!

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         Dan and Louisa      Judy        Jayne and Fred

                Suggs            Seay           Thompson 

THaKO US Board Members